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Here is a  video clip of Jamie Eastgate performing the winning 'Four Weddings' TV show ceremony for Brisbane couple Chani and Lindsay who wed at Newstead Rotunda, Brisbane River.





Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate performing a wedding at Northshore Riverside Cafe

image: Dear & Tine Photography


Celebrant of Brisbane Jamie Eastgate performing a wedding at Byron Bay Surf Club

image: Boots Photography


Newstead Rotunda wedding ceremony with Brisbane Celebrant Ciara Hodge
image: Boots Photography


Brisbane Powerhouse wedding with Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate
image: Boots Photography



Botanical Mt Coot-tha wedding with Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate



Vintage style surprise vow renewal ceremony with Brisbane Celebrant Ciara Hodge

As featured on Polka Dot Bride. image: Boots Photography




Celebrant of Brisbane, Jamie Eastgate performing a wedding ceremony at the Garden Marquee at Victoria Park Golf Complex

Jamie and Ciara ~ Celebrants Brisbane

Young experienced Brisbane Celebrants for enjoyable, simple and meaningful or light hearted and fun weddings. As featured on the winning wedding on the TV show 'Four Weddings Australia'.


Being young and experienced you get the best of both worlds with us, we 'get' what our couples envisage for their wedding ceremony and we know how to deliver exactly that.

We take a very professional approach and we know how to make a wedding fun and enjoyable and have the guests engaged throughout while putting the bride and groom at ease so everyone present can really enjoy a seriously awesome wedding.          



Brisbane Celebrant Jamie Eastgate                   Brisbane Celebrant Ciara Hodge


Brisbane City Celebrants Jamie and Ciara  specialise in creating modern, simple and meaningful wedding ceremonies for Brisbane brides and grooms, whether that reflects them as a couple, incorporates their child or family in the ceremony, includes some light hearted humour to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere or if you are looking for something short and sweet yet full of love, these highly sought after Brisbane Celebrants will listen to what you have in mind and discuss ideas to create a ceremony perfect for your very special wedding day.


Being younger than the average Celebrant and having not so long ago celebrated our very own wedding day, gives us the benefit of really 'getting' what our couples want for their ceremony and we will deliver exactly that, whatever that may be.

Often this is so new to couples they aren't too sure what type of ceremony they would like, so during our initial meeting we bounce around ideas and make suggestions until we hit the jackpot!


We have performed well over 100 weddings which also gives our couples the benefit of our experience in creating great ceremonies and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day. We have a wealth of knowledge of Brisbane wedding ceremony locations and have developed some fantastic tools to assist our couples, including a very useful vow writing worksheet that all our couples receive to make the process of writing their own vows, if they wish to do so, fun, easy and enjoyable.


As experienced Brisbane Wedding Celebrants, we guide our couples through the process to help make your wedding ceremony a key component of the most special and memorable day of your life as you become husband and wife.



Hear for yourself what our newly weds have to say as they share their perfect day in Real Weddings





Brisbane City Celebrants are a team of young, experienced highly professional Celebrants in Brisbane. With a choice of a female or male Celebrant, we specialise in modern, simple and meaningful non-religious weddings in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We both love our role as Celebrants and we are so passionate about being the BEST Celebrants we can be.   


With Brisbane City Celebrants here's what you get:


- Young, professional experienced Marriage Celebrants


- Specialising in modern, simple and meaningful wedding ceremonies


- Choice of male or female Marriage Celebrant (subject to availability)


- As experienced Celebrants we are full of ideas and tips to best ensure a fully enjoyable and smoothly run wedding ceremony


- We provide our couples with their personalised draft ceremony within days of the initial meeting and deposit being made. The benefit being compared to the average Celebrants who only provides their couples with their ceremony just days before the wedding not giving hem time to absorb, it review it and make changes. We ensure our couples have ample opportunity to review, add and customise their ceremony, and all our couples get to appove the final ceremony before the special day so they know exactly what to expect on the day with no unwanted surprises.


- Flexibility to perform your ceremony the way you want it: Our motto is "Your Day - Your Way"


- We have both had the great benefit of 6 years of Celebrant mentoring by the most highly perfectionist, knowledgeable and honest critic there is - each other!

This has enabled us to really excel with creating, coordinating and delivering our ceremonies, ensuring all the finer details are carefully thought through and everything goes smoothly on the day.


- We have great ideas of ways to include your child or children in your wedding ceremony


- Being closer to the age of our couples than the average Celebrant, our couples often tell us that they feel we 'get' them and that we are on the same page as them.


- Initial Meeting: where we get to know each other, complete the legal paperwork and discuss the kind of ceremony you have in mind, for your convienence this usually takes place on a Sunday morning or weekday evening.


- Unlimited phone and email contact


- We guide you through the legal process and documents


- We provide you with a wedding vow writing worksheet to assist you in writing your own vows if you wish to do so


- We provide you with a detailed 'Ceremony Run Sheet' so you know exactly what to expect on the day, putting you at ease


- Optional rehearsal (a small fee applies) we find that most couples are satisfied with the details provided in the detailed ceremony run sheet in place of a rehearsal


- We work with your photographer/ videographer to ensure they have plenty of opportunity to capture special moments including the rings exchange, the first kiss and signing of the register (without us in the way, no one wants their Celebrant 'photo bombing' their first kiss as husband and wife!)


- We dress appropriately on the day, usually in business attire or as agreed with you during our initial meeting


- On the day of the wedding we arrive early to set up, confirm the final details with the groom and groomsmen and ensure the venue is ready for your arrival and everything is in order


- We assist with the coordination and seating of guests on the day so when you arrive everyone is ready


- We are friendly and courteous to your family and guests


- As required by the Attorney General, we advise you of pre marital counselling services, this isn't compulsary to attend


- Just in case, we even provide a back up Celebrant service for each other so in the unlikely event of an emergency you could expect exactly the same ceremony and professional service, as planned to be delivered on the day (as young healthy Celebrants this isn't a service we have ever had to provide, but it's there just in case...)


- Use of professional PA System if it's required on the day, we have an awesome top of the range PA System with a wireless lapel mic that we use to deliver the ceremony and a wireless microphone available for guests presenting readings and if required for the bride and groom to use while repeating their vows. We do not require power for our PA system so it's perfect for Brisbane park and Brisbane rotunda weddings and you can even use this to play your ceremony music if you wish


- You will recieve your marriage certificate on the day and we will lodge the marriage with the registry within 3 business days of your wedding


- You will receive an email notification the day your documents are lodged with the marriage registry for your peace of mind


- We clearly outline the process of changing your name through marriage and after your wedding has taken place we provide you with a checklist of who to contact if the bride wishes to take the grooms surname, we even offer to submit the application for your 'registry issued marriage certificate' to births, deaths and marriages for you, making the name change process a lot easier for you.


- We are very transparent about our prices and inclusions and we are one of the few Celebrants that is happy to have our Celebrant price schedule publically availably on our website. We are proud to offer an exceptional service at a very reasonable price so why hide it!


- Indooroopilly based Celebrants


- Brisbane Celebrants you can feel confident in to deliver a great ceremony, just the way you want it


- All this with one of Brisbane's favourite female or male Celebrants from only $545.




and here's what you DON'T get:


- We won't arrive to perform your wedding wearing garish colours that detract or clash with your whole theme (much to the wedding photographers relief also!)


- We won't be late (to ensure this we have a one wedding a day policy and specialise in ceremonies performed in the Brisbane area)


- We won't mumble through the ceremony, we take great pride in delivering a strong well projected engaging ceremony


- We won't give you an old fashioned ceremony that goes on for too long and is full of words like 'obey' 'rejoycing' and 'joyousness' we will give you the option to edit the provided ceremony and remove or change any of the ceremony wording that you wish to change (with the exception of the legal wording) if you are feeling nervous about standing in front of all your guests and would prefer your ceremony to be short and sweet we will tailor a simple and meaningful ceremony for you ensuring all your ideas and requirments are incorporated


- We don't force you to do any pre marital counselling (however we do advise you that it is available to you and recommended by the Attorney Generals office)


- We wouldn't dream of being rude to your guests, conversly we do our best to make everyone welcome as they arrive


- We won't wear sunglasses during the ceremony


- We won't leave the guests chatting at the back or propping up the bar for your arrival, we do everything we can to have them seated and in their places in time


- We won't get in the way of the photographer trying to get their shot (we believe it is really important to work together with your photographer/ videographer)


- We won't use the PA if it isn't required


- We won't over charge you, we are very well priced in the current market and take pride in providing a highly professional celebrant service at a very reasonable price.


- We LOVE weddings, however we don't expect to be invited to your reception, we usually politely decline any invitations as we believe this is your special time with your family and friends.


Don't take our word for it hear for yourself from couples we have married in our Real Weddings and Testimonials.



Message to fellow Celebrants: Brisbane City Celebrants offer a 'back up' Celebrant service. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, we may be able to perform the ceremony on your behalf if you are unable to make it to your ceremony on the day. Contact us for more details.


We would love to be a part of your special day. Please contact us to confirm if we are available to be your Celebrant and arrange your obligation free initial meeting.



Keen to get to know us? pop over and 'like' our Facebook pages:



Jamie Eastgate - Brisbane Marriage Celebrant 

Ciara Hodge - Brisbane Marriage Celebrant 


Your Day ~ Your Way




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