Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding

I love when couples do their wedding their way, inject their personalities in to their day and create a day that instead of following tradition, is a true celebration of them and their love.

Lesley and Craig did a phenomenal job at doing their wedding their way. Creating a wedding that had them relaxed, full of laughter and fun, and above all else was a true celebration of their love. 

When planning a wedding, it's a great idea to take a step back and decide what elements are really important to you both, and also perhaps what bits just aren't of relevance to you then you can really begin to design your dream day and make it a day that both you and your guests can really enjoy every minute of.

To Lesley and Craig it was important not to leave their guests straight after the ceremony and head off with their photographer which is the norm, instead they opted to have their couple and bridal party photos before the ceremony, incorporating a 'first look' photo shoot, where the photographer captures the couples reaction to each other when they see each other for the very first time.


After the 'first look' took place, the couples bridal and bridal party photo shoot followed.

Once the couples photos were complete, their bridal party joined them for some pre-wedding photos.

Together we created a ceremony that was happy and fun while simultaneously being heartfelt, meaningful and real.

Above all else their ceremony felt like a true celebration which as a modern Celebrant is something I strive for in every ceremony I deliver.


I was thrilled to bits to receive the following fantastic feedback and 5 star rating from the couple.

"Cara was the Celebrant for our wedding at the Brisbane Powerhouse in August.

We could not be happier that she was there with us. She was helpful throughout the organisation of our ceremony, and set the perfect happy and joyful tone on the day.

It was a wonderful day for us, and I highly recommend that you have Cara join you for your own wedding."



Having already had their bridal photo shoot take place, as soon as their ceremony concluded, they were able to accompany their guests to their reception instead of being separated from them so they got to celebrate and party together from the get go which I personally think is pretty darn awesome!




A huge thank you to this adorable couple for choosing me to be your Celebrant for your Brisbane Powerhouse wedding, what fun we had and I am so happy I got to be a part of your special day.

Cara - Brisbane City Celebrants

This Brisbane Powerhouse wedding was impeccably captured by the very lovely and very talented Brown Paper Parcel Photography