Joanne & Joshua's Brisbane Powerhouse wedding with such beautiful vows

Joanne and Joshua's Brisbane Powerhouse wedding was both heartfelt and beautiful. The love these two share lit up the room and the vows they shared reflected their love for each other perfectly; unique, genuine and heartfelt! The happy couple have kindly allowed us to share their beautiful wedding vows and photos from their special day with you, enjoy!


The talented Evernew Studio were on hand to capture every special moment and we are in awe of these beautiful photos and a special thanks to the happy newly weds for the 5 star review and kind feedback.




Joanne’s Vows to Joshua

I always thought that great love were the ones that turned my world upside down.

The kind that give me butterflies. The ones so full of drama and heated frenzy.

Then along came you, Joshua.

When my heart went to you, I knew that this was different. And it wasn’t because my stomach was doing flips, but more so because it was settled.

It wasn't because of the thrill of the chase, it was because I didn't have to chase at all.  

Suddenly all of the drama, the anxiety, the complications that I once associated with love were all gone. And what was left was you and me. Nothing more. And life was suddenly still. And it was perfect.
Joshua. I promise that it will always be you and me.

I promise to always try to fight a laugh when you're being an idiot and I also promise to always cave, and laugh anyway.

I promise to always apologise after being the most unreasonable person in the world, albeit the apology might not come straight away.

I promise to always make inappropriate jokes at your expense, and then spend the next 15 minutes convincing you they are funny!

I promise to always push you harder to achieve everything you want in this life, and everything I know you are capable of.

I promise that I will always throw us into the deep end to provide the motivation and drive that we need to reach every one of our goals and fulfil our dreams.
But above all else, I promise to continue giving you all of my heart and soul until our very last breath. I love you completely.


Joshua’s Vows to Joanne

My beautiful Joanne

Life always meant for us to be together but the timing was never right, till that day I asked you to come meet me at the speedway that night in January.

I knew the first time I saw you, way before we actually met in person that night, that our lives were meant to join and that I just had to know you.

Turns out that we already had met and known each other, many times before, but fates hand felt the time was not right for us to be together.

I am so happy that you also felt that fate had meant for us to find one another.

We have had so many great experiences in our life together thus far, and faced challengers and struggles, that have not only made our love for each other grow so much more, but also made us into better versions of ourselves.

And I can not wait to see what new experiences and adventures await us in the future.

My love for you grows more and more each day.

I love how beautiful you are.

At times I can't take my eyes off you, and for every time you catch me looking at you there are 3 times you don't!

I love how passionate you are about everything , whether it be animals or the people you love.

I love that you love me, and that you are my rock and my queen, and will always push and inspire me to be the best person I can be.

I love everything about you.
Most of all I love you.

From this day forward
I promise to make you as happy as you make me.

I promise to always support your dreams and grant you any wishes you have.

I promise to always look after you, and try my best to make you feel better when you are sick, even if this includes rubbing your belly or back for long periods of time.

I promise to always laugh at the jokes you make at my expense,,,,,,eventually.
I promise to always try and make you smile and laugh every day, and apologise quickly if I am angry and make you sad.
Most of all I promise to give you all my love and respect for the rest of our lives.
I love you.


"Jamie was our Celebrant for our Brisbane Powerhouse wedding. He made the entire process effortless! Everything was just 'taken care of' and was never a hassle.

He was brilliant on the day and managed to jump out of the way in time for the big shot - the first kiss! Thanks for everything Jamie and Brisbane City Celebrants" Joanne & Joshua - Brisbane Powerhouse Wedding









View the wedding day highlights video here such a beautifully captured wedding by the talented Evernew Studio

Celebrant Jamie Eastgate of Brisbane City Celebrants

Planning and Styling by Main Events Group

Florist Aspley Florist

Ceremony and Reception Entertainment Brett Whitmore