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Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Brisbane City Celebrants can assist with officiating your non-legal vow renewal ceremony, including surprise vow renewals to celebrate your wedding anniversary and also for couples who have legally married overseas and would like to celebrate with loved ones in a non-legal wedding in Australia.

A vow renewal ceremony is a celebration of your relationship or a milestone anniversary and is completely personalised to reflect the two of you and your relationship, sharing your journey together to date and you may like to also share your goals and hopes for the future.

Brisbane City Celebrants fee for writing and performing your vow renewal ceremony are located here.

Cara & Jamie's 10 Year Vow Renewals

Being Celebrants when our very own marriage turned 10 we couldn't resist celebrating, by being on the other side and renewing our vows.

We planned the trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Maldives where our renewals would take place.


While we refer to our ceremony as our vow renewals, for us it wasn't so much about renewing our vows, it was more a celebration of our relationship, reflecting on our journey together over the past 10 years, from the challenges to the triumphs and recognising how far we've come.

For our vows we agreed on 8 'sentence starters' including:

I remember when we first met....

I love our similarities like....

In the future I look forward to....

Then during the ceremony we each read these in turn to each other, hearing what the other had written for the very first time.



Sharing and hearing the vows we had written for each other was such a special moment and we are so happy to now have this memory to reflect on.


Wedding Vow Renewal Photos and Film by Digital Studio Maldives


Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony

After 10 years of marriage and two beautiful children, loving husband Paraic wanted to do something special for his beautiful wife Fiona to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Being parents to two little ones had meant many previous anniversary had taken a back seat but this anniversary was one Paraic was determined to make memorable, so he contacted Brisbane City Celebrants to get the plan for his surprise wedding vow renewals in to action.

Under the guise of an anniversary photo shoot in a park with a friend, Fiona and Paraic arrived at a local park, Colmslie Beach Reserve for some couples photos.

Surprise_Vow_Renewal_Ceremony_Brisbane_9.JPGSign is customisable and available for hire from Brisbane Wedding Decorators

Then on cue, Paraic led Fiona down some steps to a hidden area of the park on the Brisbane river, where she was greeted with a sign, asking her if she would marry him again!

In complete shock, she stopped in her tracks as she read the sign, she turned and asked him if this was for real then spotted a group of her close friends and family on either side of a circular arbour. She gasped and giggled as Paraic led her to her ceremony.


As the ceremony was such a well kept secret, when it came to the vows we agreed that Paraic would write vows for Fiona to agree to, by responding 'I Will' or 'I Do'.


When it came to the exchanging of rings, Paraic came up with the idea of making lego rings, representing their children, which their children excitedly presented to them.

Jamie re-pronounced the happy couple as husband and wife and their guests cheered, with Fiona elated and still in shock that her husband could pull off such a romantic surprise.

Congratulations to the happy couple on your 10 year wedding anniversary and surprise vow renewal ceremony.

Ceremony Decor hire by Brisbane Wedding Decorators

Celebrant Jamie Eastgate - Brisbane City Celebrants

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